Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Keep Calm and Get Fit

Since working out is part of my near daily (usually morning) routine I will probably have some posts about what I'm doing in the gym. I am not in perfect shape and my body is definitely at work in progress, but I feel so much better/happier when I am working out on a consistent basis.

It's no secret that I packed on some serious extra pounds in college, and getting them off has been a challenge. When I first met Sam he was so dedicated to working out, and I was at the highest weight I've ever been. I was active in the past, but it was definitely not a priority at that point in my life. We made the commitment to start working out together leading up to our wedding and THANK GOD we did! I refused to look like a total whale while in Mexico getting married and hanging out at the beach with our family and friends.

I feel so fortunate to have a husband that has been so supportive of this journey for me. He definitely turned me on to getting fit(er). I am scared to know what I would look and feel like without having a gym routine as part of my life. Without Sam's daily encouragement, support, and help there is no way I would be up at 4:45 am to head to the gym nearly every day.

I will start out by saying that I make no claims to be an expert. I do have some basic knowledge, but I do not make any claims to be doing everything right nor am I suggesting that you should follow my plan. I am currently using a routine that I have compiled from several different resources that I enjoy doing. When I'm no longer making progress or enjoying it, I'll switch it up again. I'm doing what I feel like works for me right now. This is also my disclaimer that my body and health are a constant work in progress.....

So what am I doing? Here's a sample of what a typical week looks like for me. I am usually in the gym approximately 6x's/week.

Day 1: Biceps/Back, 20-30 minutes jogging (run 1 mile, run/walk intervals for remainder), 10 minutes core (various exercises)

Day 2: 40-55 minutes Stair Mill, 10-15 minutes core

Day 3: Chest/Triceps, 20-30 minutes jogging, 10 minutes core

Day 4: 40-55 minutes Stair mill, 10-15 minutes core

Day 5: Legs/Shoulders, 20 minutes walking at max. incline, 10-15 minutes core

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: 40-55 minutes Stair Mill or Elliptical

I'm really hoping to add some outdoor walking, jogging, and hiking as the weather warms up! And hopefully with the pups in tow!

In future posts I will share what I'm doing on each of my weight training days.

I would love to hear what has been working for you!


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  1. Kudos for getting up at 4:45am regularly!!! I wish I could make myself a morning person. It is on my goals list for 2013- workout before work.