Monday, March 4, 2013

Where to start?

So I've finally decided to attempt a start at blogging. Please bear with me as I'm sure there will be many changes along the way. Hopefully one of the first changes will be a new header and signature compliments of my baby brother! 

Just a few disclaimers...I can assure you that my blog will not be perfect. There will be typos. There will be times that I forget to post or don't feel like I have anything worth while to post about.  I will probably change the way this looks more than a few times. Chances are you might not like some of the stuff I post....feel free to ignore it.

Moving on...

I decided the best place to start was with a little about me and my little familia.

For those of you that know me, which at this point is probably most, you know that I love my hubby, my family, my friends, a clean/pretty house, organization, shopping, working out (love/hate), dogs, laughing, traveling, a good deal, house know, all the finer things in life...

I do happen to think that I have been blessed to have some pretty awesome people to share my life with. My hubby being #1.

 Here we are the night before our wedding in Mexico

We said, "I Do", on 5.14.10

He's an amazing person, and I am blessed beyond measure to call him mine. I will be the first to admit that I can be a lot to deal with....

We have two furbabies.

Chase is our 7 year old Pomeranian Chihuahua. Aka "King of the House"

Lady is our sweet, easy-going Golden Retriever

So here we are
We often have furry house guests that come in the form of Golden Retrievers as we are lucky enough to be a foster family for GRRACE Golden Retriever Rescue.
I'm going to try really hard to keep up with this! Wish me luck! I'm sure the topics will prove to be pretty random. Please spread the word about my little blog and follow me on twitter @LivinwithLinds.
Leave me comments!

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  1. Looks great Linds, I can't wait to read more!